The Space Between


Samuel, an aspiring Harlem filmmaker, finds himself thrust into a world of infinite, shifting realities after coming into contact with the mysterious book…The Space Between.

The Space Between is a warning against the excesses of power and greed, and an encouragement to reframe our lives towards futures led by love, happiness, and humility. Samuel’s journey is a story of power, spirituality, and self-discovery, asking the question “in a word of infinite realities, who is ever really in control?”.

Release Date

Winter 2020


Porsha Brown


Brett Dameron and Kathleen Burke

Written By

Brett Dameron and Christopher J. Pendergraft


Justin Jorrell, Kathleen Burke, Joey Auzenne, Jo. D Jonz and Tianna Mendez

Cinematography By

Phillip Jackson


Release Date Fall 2019

101 Years

Two women live alone on the same property…101 years apart. But as they each fall deeper into their isolation, they inevitably come closer to discovering the presence of one another through the time-bending power of shared experience.

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