101 Years


Two women live alone on the same property…101 years apart. But as they each fall deeper into their isolation, they inevitably come closer to discovering the presence of one another through the time-bending power of shared experience.

101 Years is a visual discussion on the nature of isolation and a call to separate ourselves from the pressures, expectations and societal forces that have pushed so many to lead lives that are fundamentally not their own. It is a flare in the dark for women of any time and any place, and a celebration of the peace that comes from knowing that you are never truly alone.

Release Date

Fall 2019

Written & Directed

Brett Dameron


Kathleen Burke and Pearse Lenz


Sarah Jes Austell and Kathleen Burke


Phillip Jackson


Andre Corea


Pamela McCaddin

Sound Design

Ana Fernandez


Marika Litz


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